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Ball Valves

AEPL is an innovative engineering firm with an established reputation of being one of the most reliable ball valve manufacturers in India.Our team is well aware of the user-industry needs and severe consequences if safety standards are overlooked. Therefore, we have set strict quality guidelines to build high performance valves as required by the industry.

As the name suggests, ball valves use a ball to turn on or shut off the flow of liquids or gases through a rotational motion. Ball valves require low maintenance and can be quickly put to use in a quarterly rotation movement. They are compact compared to other valve types. Ball valves are used widely because they provide tight sealing quickly with low torque.

We manufacture full bore or reduced bore type ball valves using carbon steel and stainless steel. High-quality material metal is used in producing the balls to give it a solid structure. Our ball valves are available in sizes ranging from ½” to 6”. We use Teflon seals in our ball valves to enhance its quality. The mechanism is arranged with precision to ensure that the ball closes tightly.

Our ball valves go through a closely monitored hydro test and air test for any faults before they are sent out to clients. For clients with specialty configurations, our team of mechanical engineering experts can custom-design ball valves.The valves are made corrosion-resistant and fire-safe with a blowout-proof design as required.We follow industry-relevant safety best practices to give our clients ball valves that meet the global standards.

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